Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Filmusik and Turkish Rambo at Hollywood Theatre: B-cinema genius

Galen Huckin's Filmusik, a project that hearkens back to the old days of silent film wherein there was a live performance component (i.e. the music) as well as the recorded medium, is back just in time for Halloween with Turkish Rambo...a horrifying farce of a rip off that provides just the kind of fodder Filmusik needs to work its magic.
Filmusik provides far more than just live soundtracks however; voice actors and foley (sound effects) artists also join the team to flesh out an incredibly fun and engaging film experience.
The film itself is completely execrable...if you thought Rambo was bad, imagine a Turkish version with awful actors, no special effects budget, cinematography that doesn't even try, and a dialogue that leaves the dialogue from the original sounding like Citizen Kane.
The soundtrack, composed by Huckins, is great fun to hear. He's been doing this for years, and has a real flare for many different elements: how to compose an intentionally over-the-top cinematic score, as well as weave in a live vocal track on par with any Hong Kong cinema dubbing from the 70s, and an absolutely amazing performance from the foley artists, who pull out every trick in the book to provide sound effects for a movie that demands them almost literally from beginning to end: explosions, gun fire and kung-fu body blows are ubiquitous in this film and it's almost as much fun to watch the foley artists as it is to watch the film itself.
Filmusik is so adept at blending all these elements into one amazing, seamless roll of cornballery that it is sometimes difficult to remember that everything you hear is being performed live.  As I've said numerous times before, any true cinephile who hasn't yet seen a Filmusik performance is missing out on a unique way to experience the medium, and anyone just looking for a fun evening out could do much worse than to attend a Filmusik performance.
Turkish Rambo is showing at the Hollywood Theatre on October 23, 24, 25, and 26 at 7pm; tickets can be bought online or at the door.

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