Monday, December 30, 2013

Lori Presthus - cellist and visual artist - passes

It is with sadness that I have to make note of the death of Lori Presthus, the Portland-based cellist who was a member of the Portland Baroque Orchestra. She passed away on November 20 at age 57. According to this obituary, she had a re-occurrence of cancer. In addition to her expertise with the cello, Presthus excelled in painting and jewelry making. I had the pleasure of interviewing her and writing it up for Oregon Music News. Presthus was a remarkable person, and she will be missed in the Portland community.


Cici Brown said...

In "A Moment In Time" cellist and visual artist Lori Presthus gave my daughter an appreciation for music. We both took cello lessons from Lori 30 years ago and had her use my art gallery as her teaching studio. Just two nights ago (9-12-15)I found out from a former student she passed away about 2 years ago. We are devastated! I talked to Lori about 3 years ago and asked her if I could produce a documentary about her life as a musician and artist...she said "it sounds like fun." I also asked her if I could use a few bars of her improvisation album
"A Moment in Time," in our documentary "The Spirit Behind Bowmer in the Park." Lori was happy to share it with us. The documentary ended up in several film festivals. Our "moment" was that we were blessed with Lori's wonderful spirit and talents (she also sold her art through my gallery). I hope Lori's spirit lands on many children on her new journey.
Cici Brown

Unknown said...

I loved her so much. She amazed me. She was so dedicated to appreciating now and what beauty is right in front of you all the time. A spiritual teacher for me.

Cici Brown said...

Hi David,
If you e-mail me I will send you a documentary link that has a segment on Lori. Her family didn't want a documentary but her friend Ana Ramana contacted me about Lori illustrating a book of poems for her. The segment on Lori highlights her creative talents and uses some of her cello improvs. Ana Ramana has an incredible story herself and to include a few minutes of Lori was an honor.
Cello, poems and hummingbirds weave Ana's story together. Early next year the film will go to film festivals as well as libraries.
So delighted to hear from you.

P. S. Lori's husband knows about the film and is honored Lori's music will be played in Ana's film.