Friday, March 20, 2009

Some tickets sales immune to recession

I've been checking the sports page and have noticed that the resurgent Portland Trail Blazers have been selling out the Rose Garden at 20,000+ tickets for every home game. Also sold out are the games at this weekends' NCAA Basketball Regional at the Rose Garden. People will dig deeper to pony up the bucks for these (mostly expensive) tickets. Therefore, it seems if you have a winning team (the Trail Blazers are poised to get reach the NBA playoffs for the first time in years) or a top-tier semi-pro college team, then fans will turn out in droves and are more than willing to pay a lot more to watch them play... the recession be damned.

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Bob Priest said...

OK, I got it! Get one of the Trailblazers to put in some sort of guest appearance with the symphony and y'all got yerselves a sell-out - in more ways than one.

D-Bob sez, slam dunk some ticket sales.