Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A-WOL Dance Collective stays on the ground part of the time in 3-6-9 show

Guest review by Michelle Johnson

What a show! It has 9 choreographers, 6 minute pieces, with 3 dancers in each dance. Each work was choreographed and danced by exceptional artists who draw you into their fusion of dance styles with intricate dancer interplay and wit. Although A-WOL dance collective is known for its acrobatic movements that suspend the artists in the air, this show had just a bit of above-ground movement in a few pieces. Guest performer Keph Sherin suspended his body upwards on his hands in turns and contortions and balances which amazed the audience. He choreographed his own dances because no one else can do what he does. He said “Hand Dancing is European” and the A-WOL Aerial Without Limits philosophy accepted and highlighted his dance passion.

A-WOL’s performers make every detail of their performance clear, precise and intricate. They use classical dance lines, but you need to look quick because they morph into emotive body movements between human beings pushing someone away or turning someone aside or frantically twisting aground. The costumes are simple and effective for showing the A-WOL style and professional abilities of all of the dancers.

Many of the dancers are also choreographers. Co-Director and performer Brandy Guthery says they will have in house choreographers this summer. The company will be performing its amazing feats in upcoming shows including “Art in the Dark V - Left of Center” in the trees at Mary S. Young Park on August 28th and 29th at 8pm.


Michelle Johnson is a classically trained dancer who dances and teaches at the Laurelhurst Studio.

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