Wednesday, September 9, 2009

100 best classical recordings

The three music crtics of the Telegraph newspaper in London, Igor Toronyi-Lalic, John Allison, and Michael Kennedy have compiled a list of 100 best classical recordings. The categories are

1) Opera
2) Concerto
3) Piano Solo
4) Early and Baroque
5) Choral
6) Chamber
7) 20th Century
8) Orchestral
9) 20th-Century English
10) Song

Plus 10 rules to listen by including the last one:

Names to avoid
Karajan, Ashkenazy, Kissin, Lang Lang, Maazel, Mrs Mills and Richard Clayderman. Forget you ever knew these people.

FYI: John Allison is also the editor of Opera, and I write reviews of Portland Opera productions for that magazine.


Anonymous said...

So, where's the link to the list?

James Bash said...

Sorry about that. I just added the link into the text, and you can click on to get to the list.

Will said...

I SO agree about Lang Lang and von Karajan, although it's ironic that his Falstaff makes the top ten operas list. It was good, often inspired for the first fifteen or so years--then it spiraled with increasing velocity into sterile, frigid "perfection."

James Bash said...

Your perception of frigid perfection is right on the mark - especially in regards to the affect that recordings have had on orchestras. Henry Fogel has analyzed this topic.