Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Operman and Bob Kingston discuss La Boheme

Operaman (Stephen Llewellyn) and Bob Kingston put their thoughts about La Boheme on video (shot in the compfy confines of Jake's) on their respective blogs: Operaman and dramma per musica. If you are going to attend Portland Opera's production of La Boheme (which opens this weekend) or want to know more about the story and the music, you will enjoy watching these videos.


Bob said...

Thanks for the shout out James!

S.Llewellyn said...

We both of us appreciate the mention James :) I should mention that this was Bob's idea and he was largely responsible for its execution. I think we learned some things for the next one - and I think there will be a next one - but by and large we are happy with our little chat. And Jake's picked up our breakfast tab - FTW!