Thursday, September 10, 2009

The iceman meltith - cellist Erik Friedlander at TBA

Since Friedlander's program is called "Block Ice & Propane," the audience should experience some extremes at his multimedia concert, which he will perform three times starting this evening as part of the TBA festival. The one-hour shows begins at 8:30 at the Winningstad Theater (1111 SW Broadway). Tickets are $20 for non members and $15 for members.

Here's some background on Friedlander from the TBA web site:

Musician Erik Friedlander is widely considered a master avant-garde jazz and classical cellist. Friedlander has released nine solo albums and three albums as a member of the John Zorn-led avant-jazz group Bar Kokhba. In high demand as a session musician, he has played with a wide range of artists, from pop stars Kelly Clarkson and Courtney Love, to indie folk stars Dar Williams and Paula Cole, to fellow vanguard artists Ikue Mori (TBA:07) and Laurie Anderson (TBA:06). Friedlander’s father, Lee Friedlander, has been a MacArthur Fellow whose photographs of street scenes and jazz greats have been widely shown at galleries across the world, including the Museum of Modern Art.

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