Friday, March 9, 2012

In Bayreuth this summer

I will be in Bayreuth this summer to attend the Bayreuth Festival. This opportunity came through the folks at the festival who have selected critics from the Music Critics of North America ( roster. Those of us who were selected will receive free tickets to the operas that take place from August 18th through the 22nd. So, I will hear the following operas:

Saturday 18. August, 06:00 PM Der fliegende Holländer
Sunday 19. August, 04:00 PM Lohengrin
Monday 20. August, 04:00 PM Tristan und Isolde
Tuesday 21. August, 04:00 PM Tannhäuser
Wednesday 22. August, 04:00 PM Parsifal

Five Wagner operas in five days. My ears will be pummeled into pulp. I will be reporting on this in this blog and in Oregon Music News.