Thursday, December 9, 2010

Toledo city council stiff arms Toledo Symphony's trip to Carnegie

It looks like Portland is not the only city that has thumbed its nose at its own orchestra. According to this report, the Toledo city council voted down a request to give the Toledo Symphony $10,000 to help defray the cost of travelling to Carnegie Hall to play in the Spring for Music festival next May. Earlier this year, the Oregon Symphony sought $20,000 from for its trip to the same festival but was turned away by the Portland City Counci.

I don't know about Toledo, but in Oregon, I've never seen Mayor Sam Adams or any of the city commissioners at an Oregon Symphony concert. Maybe they will show up when the orchestra plays at Carnegie Hall in May.

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Anonymous said...

Typical of tone deaf politicians. Before voting for city officials from now on, you should check to see whether they attend artistic events. And see if THEY buy the tickets or only take complimentary ones.