Friday, January 8, 2010

Overflow crowd at Lutheran Choral Association concert

Last Sunday afternoon the Lutheran Choral Association gave a concert to an overflow audience at Peace Lutheran Church in North Portland. Over 650 people attended in the concert, and the number was so unexpected that members of the congregation had to pull many extra chairs into the sanctuary. The choir, around 100 voices, had expected about 100 people or maybe a little more; so they were completely surprised. The only advertising that had been done for this concert was a large sign in front the church and a notice in The Oregonian. I have asked some concertgoers why an extra 550 people showed up for this concert. They replied that it was a standard Christmas concert, and that the listeners wanted Christmas to last a little longer. Maybe everyone is so busy around Christmastime, that they didn't have a chance to take in a concert until after Christmas and New Years had gone by. In any case, the Lutheran Choral Association plans to make this an annual event (it started last year because the choir's regular concert before Christmas was snowed out; so they moved the concert to the first Sunday after the New Year). Congratulations to the choir for maxing out the seating at the church! This was a real SRO concert.

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