Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Today's Birthdays

William Sterndale Bennett (1816-1875)
Milos Sadlo (1912-2003)
George Barati (1913-1996)
Frederic Rzewski (1938)
Margaret Price (1941)
Della Jones (1946)
Al Green (1946)
Mary Ellen Childs (1959)


Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)
Samuel Beckett (1906-1989)
Eudora Welty (1909-2001)
Seamus Heaney (1939)

And a quote from Virgil Thomson (courtesy of Terry Teachout's blog):

"Teachers tend to form opinions about music, and these are always getting in the way of creation. The teacher, like the parent, must always have an answer for everything. If he doesn't he loses prestige. He must make up a story about music and stick to it. Nothing is more sterilizing."

Virgil Thomson, The State of Music

Virgil is right (to some degree), but this also describes the plight of a critic. One has to weigh the costs of writing criticism, and its value - in the end.
- JB

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