Monday, February 13, 2017

All Classical's special V-day fundraiser

From the press release:

All Classical Portland brings you its first ever Love-Fest Fundraiser!
A full-on, “no holds barred” celebration of the music YOU love, the day promises to be thoroughly joyful and entertaining. All Classical Portland needs your financial support like never before, so tune in and consider re-upping your support of this service.  Whatever extra you can afford to give to show your love on this day of appreciation is the right amount, whether it’s an extra $5 in the kitty, or $500. Just as you would give a gift to a loved one on Valentine’s Day, give to All Classical Portland in honor of love, music, cultural community, your partner, your parents, sister, brother or grandchild… make a dedication while you’re at it!
All day on Tuesday, February 14th you can contribute by calling 1-888-899-5722, or donate online at

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