Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Aerial dance might work well in collaboration

I just published an article about A-WOL Dance Collective's "Art in the Dark" show on A-WOL specializes in aerial dance and has done very well to build an audience. I think that it would be terrific to see a collaboration between this dance company and a classical music group. Of course, Third Angle and Fear No Music are two groups that might be able to present such a show at a venue like the Wonder Ballroom or perhaps Kaul Auditorium.

Another collaboration that might be fun to see someday is one between the bicycling community and classical music. Perhaps a classical group could offer a program that featured music about motion/wheels/gears etc. Maybe tickets at a discount could be sold to people who agreed to ride their bikes to the concert. I guess it would have to be an afternoon concert and some shelter/security would be necessary to make sure that the bicycles remained dry and returned to the proper owner. In any case, the main thing would be to reach out to the bicycling culture that is gaining momentum.

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