Monday, October 22, 2007

Goodbye to Choral Classics at KBPS

The final Choral Classics program on KBPS (89.9 FM) airs this Sunday at 7 pm. Hosted for the past six years by Phil Ayers, this program will die a quiet death unless another stellar volunteer from the ranks of KBPS listeners puts his/her voice/foot forward. I talked with Ayers, a retired Episcopalian priest who sings with the Portland Symphonic Choir, and he is simpling looking forward to having more time to pursue other interests.

I hope that another interested person will contact KBPS about continuing this program. There is no other program on 89.9 FM that features choir music. In the meantime, Ayers deserves a big round of applause for keeping choral music on the airwaves. Thank you Phil!

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