Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Audrey Luna (PSU grad) receives rave review for performance

I've just been informed that there are two Audrey Lunas who are young, up and coming singers. Unfortunately, the Audrey Luna that I wanted to highlight was not the singer in this production of the Mahler 4. However, Audrey Elizabeth Luna is doing very well as a professional singer. See

Updated 6/6/2008

Audrey Luna got a rave review in the Baltimore Sun for her performance in the Mahler 4 with the Annapolis Symphony. Luna is currently teaching at Miami University (Ohio).

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Anonymous said...

Actually there is one Audrey Luna who is old (50?) and just a professor. She hasn't done much except fest contracts when she was in her 30's. The young one, who is 28 has a pretty hot career right now and she is the PSU alum.