Friday, May 27, 2011

Martin Hebert's oboe blog

Martin Hebert, principal oboist of the Oregon Symphony, has just started a blog called A Reed a Day, it concerns the vicissitudes of being an oboe player and the quest to make the perfect reed. Welcome to the blogsphere Martin!

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Tom Miller said...

Hey Marty, just tried to Skype you but to no avail. Was going to call you using the landline but seems I left your number in Switzerland for the summer or don't maybe have it but somehow I'm sure I do somewhere.
Send me an Email with the number and we'll connect up in the next time.
Paul and Karen are coming over next summer and if you can believe it, Tom Braindt! who is in Seattle if you didn't know. Have been thinking of you, as usual, but have sooo much to do, besides the time change. Get back to me ASAP. Your Bro, Tom