Thursday, October 1, 2015

Principal trombonist Aaron LaVere at work with the Baltimore Symphony

Usually, I try to take notice of the movement of musicians in an out of the Oregon Symphony roster, but somehow I keep forgetting to check up on Aaron LaVere, who has been the orchestra's principal trombonist 2001. Starting last year, he was still listed as the principal trombonist but on leave. I didn't think much about it, because a few years ago, he took a leave to serve as the principal trombonist of the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra. Well, one of my colleagues asked me what has happened to LaVere, so I looked him up on the web and found out that he has taken over the principal trombonist desk at the Baltimore Symphony. We are going to miss his terrific playing, but fortunately the OSO has enlisted Daniel Cloutier as acting principal. Cloutier is the principal trombonist of the Grant Park Orchestra, which happens to be Carlos Kalmar's summertime band.

In other news, I attended the annual meeting of the OSO, and found that that the orchestra has extended an offer for the principal flute position. This month, orchestra will be holding auditions for the principal clarinet position.

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