Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bass fiddler moves from Oregon Symphony to Seattle Symphony

While at the Seattle Opera's "Marriage of Figaro" performance, I noticed in that the program listed Ted Botsford as the assistant principal bassist. Since the Seattle Opera regularly draws its orchestra from the Seattle Symphony roster, I took at look at the Seattle Symphony's web site and found Botsford listed as a member of its bass section here. As with some former members of the Oregon Symphony, Botsford has moved to an orchestra that pays more, but it is also a tribute to the fine playing of the OSO orchestra. Since Kalmar's arrival, several instrumentalists have won auditions at other orchestras (for example, the Boston Symphony, the Baltimore Symphony, the Detroit Symphony, and the San Diego Symphony).

So, this is old news, in a way, but Botsford is still listed in the Oregon Symphony programs as on leave. I understand that the designation is a formality due to union rules.


Anonymous said...

It is not a tribute to Kalmar. Quiet the opposite. Musicians are trying to escape this tyrant mediocre maestro. But unlike Madrid, Portland keeps him regardless.

James Bash said...

Hello Anonymous. I disagree with you. Perhaps you care to reveal who you are, and we could carry this discussion further and in the open.

James Bash said...

In addition, Kalmar is still the conductor with the Orquesta Sinfónica de RTVE in Madrid. Just go on the orchestra's web site and look at the concert listings. You can even hear the program that he gave last night with the orchestra on RTVE's radio broadcast. He is listed in the upcoming months as the conductor of many concerts with the orchestra. Please do some fact checking.