Tuesday, October 24, 2017

List of Van Cliburn winners who have appeared with Portland Piano International

Two weeks ago I heard Van Cliburn winner Yekwon Sunwoo's performance at Portland Piano International. His concert was outstanding, and I wrote a glowing review for International Piano magazine. I then asked Portland Piano International's executive director, Ellen Bergstone Wasil, for a list of Van Cliburn winners who have been presented by PPI. Here is her answer:

Beginning in 1985 with pianist José Feghali, Portland Piano International has presented the Gold Medalist of the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition in the season following his/her win.

Vadym Kholodenko (2013)

Haochen Zhang (2009)

Alexander Kobrin (2005)

Stanislav Ioudenitch (2001)

Olga Kern (2001)

Jon Nakamatsu (1997)

Simone Pedroni (1993)

Alexei Sultanov (1989)

José Feghali (1985)

Five other Cliburn Gold Medalists performed for Portland Piano International but not during the season after they won.

Andre-Michel Schub (1981)

Steven De Groote (1977)

Vladimir Viardo (1973)

Radu Lupu (1966)

Ralph Votapek (1962)

Only two of the Gold Medalists have not graced our stage: Nobuyuku Tsujii (2009 co-winner with Haochen Zhang) and Christina Ortiz (1969).

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