Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Charles Noble reflects in Oregon Symphony program notes

A month or so ago, an article in Crosscut about the Oregon Symphony's financial picture and how to "fix" it caused a lot of chatter on the internet. Charles Noble, assistant principal violist of the Oregon Symphony and blogger extrodinaire (NobleViola) wrote a piece about the subject, and it was printed on the back page of the latest Oregon Symphony program.

I thought that Noble had lots of great things to say, and he challenged the Oregon Symphony audience to enter into the discussion. Noble advocates "a wide-ranging discussion of possible solutions—with frank discussions of the problems included. I’d like to see a range of current and potential donors engage in a forum to talk about what their impressions of the symphony’s problems are, what they see as possible solutions and what they see already being done right."

A forum sounds like a good starting place, and I hope that it gets started soon.

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