Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Oregon Symphony numbers are going up!

The Oregon Symphony has released wonderful news that the attendance figures and ticket sales are way up so far this season. We're talking an increase of 20.5% with an average paid attendance has been 1,662, which is 283 people per concert more than last season at the same time. This has translated into total ticket sales of over $5 million so far this season and it represents an increase of more than $461,000 in ticket sales when compared to the same time last season.

Anyone who has attended concerts the past few seasons knows that the orchestra is playing better than ever. Even composers such as Robert Kyr have stated how impressed they are. (See this report in my blog on May 29th, 2007.) I hope that this upward trend continues, because Kalmar and the orchestra have earned it. Even when the attendance has been down, the musicians give it their all. Kudos also to Gregory Vajda, who is doing a stellar job as resident conductor.

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