Saturday, February 23, 2008

Singing in Vancouver

This morning the Portland Symphonic Choir sang a 20-25 concert as part of the ACDA convention in Vancouver. It was fun to sing for an audience of about 500 people who are really into choir music. Hamilton Cheifetz played extremely well in the "Lux Aeterna" piece (which has a very difficult cello part). The big ballroom where we performed has decent acoustics, but the lighting for the performers was terrible. Several singers complained of not being able to read their scores. Our conductor Steven Zopfi did an excellent job in preparing us for the event.

As for touring Vancouver, one of the nifty things you can do, is take the Seabus across the bay to North Vancouver and dine there. Kathy and I did that last night and had a spectacular view of the city. The cost for the Skytrain and Seabus was $2.50 each. Quite a deal.

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