Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Anne Midgette answers classical music's persistant questions

Anne Midgette, the classical music critic of the Washington Post, talks with NPR's Tom Huizenga in this fascinating article. You hear her talk by clicking on an audio snippet or read the text.

Here are the questions that she responds to:

1) The Recording Industry Implodes: What Happened?

2) Wait A Minute! I'm Marketing My Own Compositions: How Has the Internet Impacted Musicians?

3) Can the Internet Save the Soul of Classical Journalism?

4) The Sound of Music: Are Composers Writing Differently?

5) Box Office Bummer: Why Are Ticket Sales Slumping?

6) Pavarotti Is Dead: Does It Matter?

7) Exciting Youngsters: Can They Reignite The Classics?

8) Don't Touch That Dial! Will Classical Radio Survive?

9) A Decade In Transition: Is Classical Music In Better Shape Now?

10) A Classical Crystal Ball: What's In The Future?

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