Sunday, November 15, 2009

Marrowstone Music Festival - on the staff - correction

I was at the Portland Youth Philharmonic concert last night and noticed an ad for the Marrowstone Music Festival in the program. The ad lists the staff at Marrowstone and it includes on Oregon Symphony principal trombonist Aaron LaVere (who is currently on leave from the orchestra and playing in Korea) and one our nation's very best clarinetists, Todd Palmer. Marrowstone is scheudled to run from July 25 through August 8 next summer in Bellingham, Washington.

See the comment below from Marrowstone's Britt Madsen. Apparently, Aaron LeVere will not be on the Marrowstone staff this summer.


Britt said...

Hi and thanks for the Marrowstone shout-out. We actually won't have Aaron LaVere, Oregon Symphony principal trombone, for 2010 (new development). We will have Joseph Rodriguez, a great young player out of Chicago.

Let me know if you guys want tickets to any of the Marrowstone concerts in the summer of 2010. Road trip to Bellingham?

Britt Madsen
Marrowstone coordinator

James Bash said...

Thanks Britt,

I've added a correction to the posting.