Friday, October 15, 2010

Problems at the University of Washington School of Music

Melinda Bargreen in Musical America has written a report on the troubles at the University of Washington School of Music. A $230,000 deficit has caused the school to trim staff. Bargreen states that "many are part-time, including those held by internationally known Wagnerian soprano Jane Eaglen and noted trumpeter Allen Vizzutti. A third departure, a resignation last month by assistant voice professor Joyce Guyer (a 16-year veteran of the Metropolitan Opera), came in the wake of Guyer’s belief that the new School of Music Director Richard Karpen would not recommend her for tenure. Vizzutti and Guyer made their dismay known in letters that have been widely circulated on the Internet."

This news item in Musical America may be available only to subscribers. I have a subscription to Musical America (discounted through my membership in the MCANA).

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