Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Newspaper editorial asks U of O to come clean with Halls firing

This editorial in the Eugene Register-Guard asks for the University of Oregon to tell the truth about the firing of Matthew Halls from the Oregon Bach Festival. I suspect that the UO administration will not do this and will take its chances with its new curated festival, unloading whatever the "curator" comes up with and then having to sell it like mad to an uncommitted audience.

Update: Today, the U of O has made an official response in the Register-Guard here, but it contains no real explanation of Halls' dismissal.


bob priest said...

Based upon what I've read here & elsewhere, it appears that Halls has quite probably been victimized by completely errant PC at its WORST.
Now, the question remains whether or not the OBF will serve up complimentary grits at its next fundraising potluck if one asks for it nicely with a faux southern accent.

James Bash said...

Thanks for the spot on twisted humor Bob!

bob priest said...

Hahahaha, no problemo, James. Half of my family is from the south (Texas & Arkansas) & I lived in North Carolina for 3 years. Heck, I like grits - especially with a goodly dollop of cave-aged Gruyere melted over the top.