Thursday, September 14, 2017

U of O and Halls sign settlement

This morning's Register-Guard story states that Halls has signed a settlement with the U of O for 90k and will not sue the university in regards to his termination from the Oregon Bach Festival.

Thanks again to Mark Mandel for keeping us informed with the latest.


bob priest said...

Sounds like Halls might've sold himself cheap & U of O got off cheap.
Mutually agreeing to bury this sad - and potentially very instructive - story is a shame & sets a truly unfortunate precedent.

James Bash said...

Considering the cost of hiring a lawyer and a potential lawsuit plus the bad will it generates, I think that Halls made a wise choice.

bob priest said...

He certainly may have made a wise choice in terms of his own immediate well-being, but, IF the "grit gate" story is true as reported in The Telegraph, caving-in doesn't help the general cause of NOT allowing such witch hunt-esque tactics to again be employed in potentially an even more willy-nilly fashion.
Personally, I would LOVE to hear from the gal that ratted out Halls' "racism" - if she even exists.