Friday, July 11, 2008

Radio station in Seattle picks up critic Melinda Bargreen

The Gathering Note reports that Melinda Bargreeen, the former classical music critic at the Seattle Times, is now reviewing concerts for King FM 98.1. You can read her review of Seattle Chamber Music's Summer Festival here.


Bob said...

I have rather mixed feelings about this. Melinda Bargreen is a fine writer, and she clearly knows music, but her reviews of local musical events are always so wildly effusive that one wonders if audiences in Seattle have ever been subjected to anything less than absolute artistic perfection.

It's one thing to give praise when praise is due, and I don't begrudge any critic for doing that. It's another thing entirely, though, to sound like you're on the payroll of the organization you've been assigned to review.

James Bash said...

Hi Bob,

I've heard others voice the same opinion as you have regarding Bargreen, and I have to admit that I have rarely seen a negative comment by her. So, your point is well taken.