Tuesday, October 14, 2008

CellObama this Friday

Members of the Portland Cello Project and the cellists of the Oregon Symphony are teaming up to raise some money for the Obama campaign this Friday at the Someday Lounge.

Here's the details from Mr. Celloland, Doug Jenkins:

This Friday October 17... with members of the Oregon Symphony? Rock for Barack?! Cell0Bama?

This was a late confirmation, and it will only be a 45 minute set, but here's the low-down:

This Friday October 17 at The Someday Lounge, we'll jump on stage for a 45 minute set at their Barack Obama benefit. I think all the money goes to Ohio campaign funds or something.

We didn't want to get political, but they asked us to play, and we polled ourselves, and every single member of the Portland Cello Project is voting for Barack Obama, so we figured… why not?

When cellists at the Oregon Symphony found out we were doing this, some of them asked to join us and we said… sure! As long as you don't mind playing Toxic and Push-It with John Brophy and Ritchie Young (Loch Lomond) singing with us irreverently.

Remarkably, and much to their professional credit, they unhesitatingly agreed anyway.

You'll be able to tell the regular PCP members apart from the regular OSO members because they'll be wearing tuxes with tails and we'll be wearing hoodies.

Sadly Justin Kagan, the only regular PCP and OSO member, won't be playing or we'd make him wear a hoodie with tails.

Since Ritchie's going to be there we'll undoubtedly make him play some of his own music with us. And we'll be mostly playing greatest hits: De Falla, maybe some Beethoven, Britney, Salt N Pepa, our Norfolk and Western cover which is my new favorite PCP song. Skip will be there so we'll play Take 5 and maybe Footprints. You name it. Call out requests if you want.


And a note from Elaine Calder:

Just in case anyone thinks our cellists are too precious for words, they'll be wearing tails because they have another gig that night - for our gala at the Governor Hotel...

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