Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oregon Symphony ticket sales update

Good news for those who are curious about how Oregon Symphony ticket sales are going. The Symphony has crossed the $5 million Rubicon way faster than last year. And last year, despite increasing ticket sales over the year before, the Symphony still managed to lose over $600,000.

At the 2007 annual meeting (click here for that report), Walter Weyler, board chair, said that the Symphony has to break even during the 2008-2009 season because of the heavy deficit that they are still carrying.

So, with a jump start on this season (and ticket sales only account for part of the budget income), the Symphony is looking in pretty good shape... so far.

Here's the press release with the details:

"Amid signs of a continuing rebound at the box-office, the Oregon Symphony today crossed the $5 million mark in ticket sales for the 2008/09 concert season, hitting that significant milestone three and a half months earlier than it did last season.

As of this morning, the total number of tickets sold for the 78 performances in the current concert season stood at 110,013, with total ticket revenue of $5,000,747. Last year, by Oct. 15 the orchestra had sold 94,102 tickets for its 79 performances, with revenues of $3,934,878. This season’s sales represent increases of just under 17 percent in the number of tickets sold and 27 percent in ticket revenue over the same period a year ago.

Ticket sales thus far represent 51 percent of capacity for the entire concert season, a number that’s significant for the orchestra because two seasons ago total paid attendance for the entire season was 54 percent of capacity. That figure rose to 62 percent last season, and the orchestra’s goal for the current season is paid attendance of 70 percent.

Crowds at the Oregon Symphony’s performances at Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall have been noticeably larger since the 2008/09 season began in early September. For the 10 concerts performed so far, the orchestra has played to audiences averaging 81 percent of capacity.

Last season the orchestra didn’t reach the $5 million milestone until Jan. 30. When it did, it marked the first time the Oregon Symphony had exceeded $5 million in ticket revenue in four seasons."

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