Thursday, October 9, 2008

Portland Symphonic Choir looking for new office space

The Portland Symphonic Choir needs quarters for their offices and large music library. The choir (of which I'm a member) rents space in The Galleria, but that lease is coming to an end. So, the choir is in search of at least 700 square feet of office space in the Portland metro area. It is preferable that the space be close to public transportation. The folks who work in the office will need a space for meetings as well and are willing to share the cost of that with another organization. Co-habiting a suite of offices with another non-profit organization would also be a possibility.

If you know of a good place for PSC's new home, please contact Mark Petersen, the choir's general manager at 503-223-1217. The choir has until November 30th to figure out where it's office will be.

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