Thursday, August 8, 2013

Two-buck CD sale at Michael Karman's

Many people know Michael Karman. He's the quiet, unassuming fellow who helps Michael Parsons (Mr. Opus 99) sell recordings at concert venues like the Schnitz and Kaul Auditorium. What people might not know is that Karman is an expert on new music and is the mastermind by Asymmetry Music Magazine and that he often travels to Europe in order to cover new music concert. Because of his all-consuming passion to attend even more concerts in Europe, Karman plans to move to Spain in September where he will set up his base of operations. In preparation for this move, Karman is offering a lot of his CDs for sale - at $2 for each CD. That means, for example, that an opera that has 3 discs goes for a mere $6. I purchased a short stack of recordings and there are plenty more left. The photo above shows only a sample of what Karman has. If you are interested, you can contact him via email at or give him a ring at 347-863-2954. Maybe you can put a dent in his collection. Even if he can sell everything that he would like to sell, Karman still intends to take 2,000 CDs with him to Spain. Ole!

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