Friday, September 19, 2008

Novelist Neal Stephenson is a big fan of Cappella Romana

Seattle-based author Neal Stephenson, who wrote "Cryptonomicon" and has just published a new novel entitled "Anathem," loves the music of Byzantium. Consequently, one of his favorite ensembles is Cappella Romana. According to Mark Powell, executive director of Cappella Romana, several singers from CR are featured on the CD that comes with "Anathem."

Also, you can read about the music that Stephenson likes in this New York Times article. Another one of his favorite vocal ensembles is Seattle's The Tudor Choir. Also, the final paragraph points out that David Stutz, a member of Cappella Romana and The Tudor Choir wrote some music based on "Anathem."


Anonymous said...

Hi James, if you'd like a lot more detail on the music that I composed for Anathem, take a look at these blog entries.

The performers on the resulting disc are all from the Pacific Northwest, some being members of Cappella Romana, others members of The Tudor Choir, and one (James Whetzel) being a local throat singer and Sarod player.

James Bash said...

Thanks for the additional information David!