Saturday, September 27, 2008

Turmoil in Cleveland - more thoughts from Sandow and Swed

The aftermath of classical music critic Don Rosenberg's demotion at Cleveland Plain Dealer has spread into several publications. Critic Greg Sandow has published his thoughts on the matter in today's Wall Street Journal and in his Arts Journal blog. He has an excellent suggestion that the Cleveland Orchestra "publicly ask for Don's reinstatement, and ask the publisher to step down from the board."

Mark Swed, critic at the LA Times, suggests that the Plain Dealer allow both Rosenberg and his replacement Zachary Lewis, to write reviews of the Cleveland Orchestra. That might help to re-establish some impartiality on the part of the newspaper.

The story first appeared in Tim Smith's blog here. There was an incredible response from readers as well.

Tim Smith is the music critic at the Baltimore Sun and president of the Music Critics Association of North America (of which I'm a member as well).

The New York Times story on the whole thing is here.

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