Friday, April 18, 2008

Alan Rich posts his final column for the LA Weekly

You can read Rich's final column here.

I like the last part most of all:

Obiter dictum: “Night Music” goes dark next week after 16 years. I will write about the last of this year’s Monday Evening Concerts, which I helped to save a couple of years ago as part of my job. The decision to close down my column was not mine. The notes of protest have, of course, been wonderful; they come because we all realize that music — all music but especially the endangered kind — needs people to speak for it, certainly more than one voice per community. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to write about music — periodically for the Weekly, and regularly in a blog ( that friends are setting up, for KUSC (which was on the phone first thing), wherever. My first print was in 1944; I’m not gonna stop now.

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