Thursday, April 10, 2008

Young Artists Competition winners - Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (WA)

On April 19 and 20, the first place winners of the Vancouver Symphony's Young Artists Competition will perform with the orchestra. The competition was held on February 24, but the winners were not publicized very much. It turns out that members of the Portland Youth Philharmonic swept up the strings division and the brass/woodwinds division.

Each first place winner was awarded $1,500 and the opportunity to play with the Vancouver Symphony. Second place winners received $750, and third place winner were given $250.

First Place Winners:
Natalie Yu - violin (assistant concertmaster of the PYP)
Emma Davis - flute (co-principal flutist of the PYP)
Michelle Leipzig - piano (but is also asstant principal cellist of the PYP)

Second Place Winners:
Brandon Garbot - violin (member of the PYP violin section)
Charles Dietz Crabtree (principal French horn of the PYP)
Ran Sun - piano (she was chosen for a master class with Angela Hewitt a couple weeks ago)

Third Place Winners:
Kelly Talin - violin (member of the Portland Conservatory Orchestra)
Robin Seitz - trumpet (member of PYP)
Stephanie Cai - piano

I've written a preview of the Vancouver Symphony concert that will feature the first place winners for The Columbian newspaper. It will run at the end of next week. In the meantime, check out the Vancouver Symphony web site for more information.

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