Monday, June 15, 2009

Still tough times ahead for the Oregon Symphony

David Stabler reports that the Oregon Symphony will probably be asking its musicans to help cover budgetary problems going into next season. In short, even thoough the Symphony had its best season ever at the box office ($6.6 million in ticket sales) and has greatly reduced its administrative overhead, it will now be forced to ask the musicians themselves to take a big pay cut. Ugh!

Over the past few years, I've heard a number of orchestras in live performances and can say - with no reservations - that the Oregon Symphony under the direction of Carlos Kalmar is one of the finest orchestras in the nation. It's a great musical organization that deserves your support. I'm going to increase my donation to the Oregon Symphony this year, and I hope that you can, too!


DanR said...

James - Very troubling but not surprising given the economic times.

For folks who are interested in helping support the Symphony: The Friends of the Oregon Symphony is the primary volunteer arm of the Oregon Symphony Association. Its purpose is to support the Symphony by volunteering time in support of its programs and by fundraising to support its financial health.

To learn more please visit:

James Bash said...

Thanks for your comment!