Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fear No Music gives Oregon a homegrown birthday concert for Oregon's 150th

Fear No Music will be going native to celebrate Oregon's 150th birthday this Friday in a new music extravaganza at DISJECTA (8371 N Interstate Ave.). You'll hear lots of spanking new music and you'll get to see a new dance performance as well. It might be a sensory overload!

Here's the press release from Fear No Music:

As we prepare to honor Oregon's 150th anniversary of statehood, we will participate in this historic event in our "fear no music" way by adding a fresh, musical twist to the excitement, festivities and pride associated with the anniversary. Join Fear No Music for the world premieres of three new works, written especially for this grand occasion. Hear supernatural sounds created by composer Bonnie Miksch, Professor of Composition at Portland State University; experience acoustical journeys by the daring Robert Kyr; explore new sounds by Robert Priest, Artistic Director of Marzena; and revel in the ballet version of "Jilted" by Robert McBride and "Mama's Song" by Jack Gabel (premiere choreographies by Paul Destrooper and Agnieszka Laska respectively). We are excited to collaborate with the Agnieszka Laska Dancers and Gavin Larsen, a lead dancer for the Oregon Ballet Theater, moving to the music of Tomas Svoboda, Jack Gabel, and Robert McBride. Also, featuring great works by John Peel, David Schiff, and Ryan Anthony Francis. This concert is part of a regional tour that includes performances in Portland, Eugene and Salem.

And, the intrepid composer Bob Priest this comment about his piece:

"Cirque de Deux" (2009) Bob Priest
In your town for one night only, a bassoonist and cellist from D-Bob's sound circus come out to play . . .

it's relatively short (5 minutes) with some extended techniques (multiphonics, cello de-tuning, etc.) and theatrical behavior - or is that, misbehavior? and yes, there will be contra!

i confess that i gave into my comedic side a tad in this piece. sprinkled among some of the sonic absurdities mentioned above are loving references to Mozart, Berg, John Williams, Jimi Hendrix, Ravel, Lutoslawski and Bernstein. in other words, eine kleine musical may-hemming and hee-hawing gets mixed in with a few serious moments musicaux.

Performers in this Fear No Music concert are FNMers Inés Voglar, Joël Belgique, Mika Sunago, and Joel Bluestone with guest artists Tomas Svoboda, Evan Kuhlman, Nancy Ives, the Agnieszka Laska Dancers and Gavin Larsen, from the Oregon Ballet Theater.

Tickets cost $20, 15, or $5 depending on age and student status.

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