Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oregon Symphony ticket sales through the roof

The Oregon Symphony has surpassed $6.1 million in total ticket sales this season, which is quite an accomplishment in light of the current economic temperature. The orchestra has sold 136,431 tickets so far and is $458,000 ahead of total ticket sales for the entire season last year. This bodes well for the orchestra's continuing health and may help them to pay off some hefty debts that it incurred from previous years when they ran substantially in the red. You can read all about the orchestra's success at the box office in this press release. And the orchestra is playing at a higher level than ever, and that fact has generated a lot of enthusiasm.


Anonymous said...

James, here's what I said in the release. If this doesn't suggest enthusiasm over the high level of playing by the Orchestra, then I guess I'm not being clear enough:

"We’ve had some great moments in the Schnitz this season, with audiences leaping to their feet, clapping and cheering our musicians and guest artists. We love those moments when we’re all sharing in the joy of great music, brilliantly played.”
Elaine Calder
Oregon Symphony Association

James Bash said...

Hi Elaine,

That's what I get for blitzing through press releases. I'll correct that last sentence.