Friday, April 17, 2009

Fear no film music

Tonight, the Fear No Music ensemble plays a lot of new pieces that were written for new silent films. The concert involves 8 musicians, 14 new compositions, and 20 videos. The concert starts at 8 pm at the Colonial Heights Presbyterian Church, which is located at 2828 SE Stephens St. (between Hawthorne and Division) in Portland.

Here's the program:

Music and Composers

Film/Video Artists

Music Box Prelude by Karim Al-Zand Pardis Bartejteh
String Quartet No. 2 by Gyorgy Ligeti
II. Sostenuto, molto calmo
V. Allegro con delicatezza

Samuel Miller
James Coker

In the White Light by Matthew Burtner Sandre
String Quartet No. 1 by Gyorgy Kurtag
VI. Adagio

João Ricardo
3 Piano Pieces by Morton Feldman Nico Vassilakis
The Book of Imaginary Beings by Robert Parris
IV. A Bao A Qu

Anna & Leo Daedalus
String quartet No. 1 Part 3. Observing (Standing Still) by Benedict Mason
Part 3. Observing (Standing Still)

Eric Matchett

- Brief Intermission -

Mild Violence (2005) by Steve Ricks Ethan Vincent
Rebonds B by Ianis Xenakis Thanos Chrysakis
Buttercup in Space by Mary Wright Bruce Golla
Sept Papillons by Kathia Saariaho
I. Dolce, Leggiere, Libero
V. Lento, Misterioso
VI. Sempre poco nervoso, senza tempo

Charles Buckingham
Ryan Glenn + Ricardo Hernandez
Eric Ostrowski

Folk Songs (Set No. 11b) for String Quartet by Reza Vali
II. Folk Dance

Larry Buskey
Fünf Sätze op. 5 by Anton Webern Konrad Steiner
King Friday by Michael Lowenstern Koen Dijkman

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