Monday, October 12, 2009

Roberto Alagna's fees

This is from The Telegraph:

‘I live in Switzerland but I pay my taxes in France. I don’t know the exact extent of my fortune because I am not a businessman. For a gala concert, I get 60,000 euros. If I need money, I go to Abu Dhabi or Japan, where I can get 100,000 euros. I get 25 centimes for every CD sale, but I don’t get anything for DVDs or broadcasts or cinema transmissions. .... In the opera house, I get roughly 13,000 euros a performance. But not much remains at the end of it. Half of it goes in tax. The rest pays my agent and daily expenses .... At the moment, for two performances of Carmen, I am in London for a month and half [Alagna is actually scheduled to sing five performances]. The apartment rented near Covent Garden cost me £1,500 a week. My assistant cooks and does the laundry. ...’

FYI: Today 1 Euro = 1.4809 U.S. dollars

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