Thursday, May 28, 2009

SOS for OBT!

Barry Johnson of the Oregonian reports that the Oregon Ballet Theatre is in desparate need of $750,000 by June 30th or it may have to shut down altogether. The monetary problems have been caused by a severe loss of donations and a loss of revenue due to the snowy weather during its performances of "The Nutcracker." To help rescue OBT, nationally known dancers from around the nation will come to Portland to perform in a gala on June 12. But as the article points out, that valiant effort may reduce the debt - even cut it in half - but it will take some concerned patrons to step up to the plate and help to save Oregon's flagship ballet company. Other creative ways for OBT to raise money may be through a special fund-raisers at Nike, Adidas, and other local companies that have an interest in artistic, athletic talent. See Charles Noble and Art Scatter for their thoughts on the situation. In the meantime, please help OBT survive!

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