Tuesday, July 14, 2009

National Music Teachers Appreciation Day

Leave it to a British bloke to come up with a great idea that we Americans should've proposed a long time ago. I'm referring to Stephen Llewellyn's latest quest to lobby congress and everyone else for a National Music Teachers Appreciation Day. Can you believe that our nation has special days set aside in recognition for cowboys and the corvette. Granted that they are part of our nation's identity, but what about music teachers! Who of us would learn how to sing or play any instrument at all without the help of someone who taught us. Especially when we consider the decline of music education, a special day of recognition, of concerts, and other ways of celebrating would be in order. Capital idea Stephen! Hat's off to the former barrister, who is helping to change the attitude in this country to something positive. Now, let's find all of the politicians who have had music lessons and sign them up to make National Music Teachers Appreciation Day a reality!

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